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Festival Ready: Stand Out with These Hairstyles for Christchurch

As festival season approaches, it’s time to start planning the perfect hairstyles that will help you stand out from the crowd. While your outfit and glittery accessories are important, your hairstyle is the key to completing your festival-ready look.

At Akobe Hair, our hair salon in Christchurch expert stylists have been following the latest international hair trends to bring you the most exciting festival hair inspirations. Here are some top hairstyles that scream ‘festival chic’ with a glamorous twist.

Festival-Ready Hairstyles from Akobe Hair Salon Christchurch

Boho Braids

Boho braids are a classic festival hairstyle that never goes out of style. They are practical and chic, keeping your hair in place while showcasing your unique look. You can opt for traditional French braids, experiment with fishtails, or try Dutch braids. Add golden thread or flowers to elevate the glamour. Our skilled Hairdressers Christchurch can create these intricate styles, ensuring they are not only stunning but also practical for long days of dancing and enjoying the festival atmosphere.

The High Ponytail

The high ponytail is a sleek and stylish choice that’s been seen on numerous runways this season. This timeless look exudes glamour and confidence. Whether your hair is straight or curly, a high ponytail can work wonders. For a daring twist, try a crimped ponytail. Use a good quality hair serum to keep it smooth and shiny. This look is perfect for keeping your hair out of your face while maintaining a polished appearance.

Glitter Roots

Glitter Roots Festivals are the perfect time to go all out with glitter. Glitter roots are a fun and sparkly addition to your hairstyle that will catch the light and people’s attention. Simply apply hair gel and sprinkle on your chosen glitter. Be creative with your colours and sparkles – the sky’s the limit! Glitter roots can be paired with any hairstyle, from braids to loose waves, adding a festive and playful touch to your look. For the best results, trust the Best Hairdresser Christchurch to help you achieve this dazzling festival look.

Space Buns

Space buns are a playful and nostalgic nod to the 90s that have made a grand comeback. They’re cute, fun, and perfect for dancing the day away at a festival. Adorn them with colourful hair clips or weave a string of fairy lights into your buns for an extra magical look when the sun goes down. This hairstyle not only looks adorable but also keeps your hair secure and stylish.

Loose Waves

For a relaxed, effortlessly chic look, loose waves are your go-to style. Add texture spray to your locks for a ‘just stepped off the beach’ look, and let your natural beauty shine through. For added glamour, incorporate a few tiny braids or hair rings. Loose waves are versatile and can be easily refreshed throughout the day with a bit of texturising spray. Trust the Best Hairdresser Christchurch to perfect your loose waves and ensure you achieve that flawless, beachy vibe for any festival occasion.

Floral Crowns and Accessories

Adding floral crowns or accessories to your hairstyle can instantly elevate your festival look. Whether you choose fresh flowers, faux blooms, or sparkling accessories, these additions can make any hairstyle festival-ready. Floral crowns are particularly popular for their romantic and bohemian vibe, perfect for outdoor festivals.

Braided Crowns

Braided crowns are perfect for creating a romantic and whimsical look. This hairstyle keeps your hair out of your face while giving you a regal and bohemian vibe. Decorate your braided crown with small flowers or beads to enhance the festival feel. This look is ideal for those who want a hairstyle that stays in place all day. Our talented Hairdressers Christchurch can craft these stunning braided crowns, ensuring you look and feel enchanting throughout the festival.

Textured Ponytails

A textured ponytail can be a great choice for a simple yet stylish look. Add waves or curls to your ponytail for extra volume and texture. Secure it with a colourful scrunchie or ribbon to make it festival-ready. At our Hair Salon in Christchurch, we specialise in creating textured ponytails that are easy to maintain and can be dressed up or down depending on your festival attire. This versatile hairstyle ensures you look fabulous with minimal effort.

Remember, the best festival hairstyle from the best hair salon Christchurch is the one that makes you feel fabulous. Be adventurous, be bold, and most importantly, be yourself. Let your hair be an expression of your unique personality and enhance the joy and excitement of your festival experience.

Ready to rock your festival look at our hair salon in Christchurch? Visit Akobe Hair, the best hair salon in Christchurch, and let our expert hairdressers elevate your hairstyle to festival-ready perfection. Book your appointment today and discover why we’re the go-to destination for standout festival hairstyles in Christchurch.

Your perfect festival hair awaits with us at the Best Hair Salon Christchurch! With the help of our expert Hairdressers Christchurch, you’ll be ready to rock any festival with confidence and style.